The “new look” Restaurant and Bar Expo Delivers Big to Attendees, Exhibitors

By Mark J. Bartlett

April 5, 2023-Although the branding may have changed, the late March mainstay on the Las Vegas convention circuit once known as the Nightclub and Bar expo continues to deliver a wonderful, exciting product to attendees and booth-bound exhibitors alike.

It was a Saki-sampling smorgasbord at the 2023 Bar and Restaurant Expo

“It’s clear that the show has gone in a slightly different direction,” stated Peter Fontes of Rockville Center, Maryland. A pizza chef from the east coast, Fontes looks forward to the show each year. Now, he has found considerable, and valuable, resources to drive his business endeavors forward in new ways. “I’ve always attended to find new beverage vendors, but the new concept offers many networking opportunities with the food side as well.  And to have it (co-located) with the International Pizza Expo next door, well-that’s a great bonus!

These vendors worked hard to keep up with the high demand of enthusiastic guests eager to sample their delicious product

One of the most well appreciated additions to this years show appears to be the Japanese food and beverage section, which focuses on cultural, culinary and beverage offerings from the far east.  In particular, the Saki offerings were a huge hit.  “I can’t believe the variety of different food and drink choices” said Vegas local Kelsey Thurman.  A beverage distributor for the last 13 years, Thurman added, “what a wonderful snapshot of the current state of the industry!”

Japanese cuisine was a welcomed addition to this years’ show

The shift to a more balanced focus on the multiple aspects of the service industry was personified in a very thorough, well thought out manner.  The floor plan, while of greater expanse that previous years, was executed in a highly organized fashion.  Vendors of specific facets of the food and beverage industry were effectively grouped in a strategy that paid off. Point of sale providers, beverage suppliers and food offerings benefited from this, and enjoyed two days of solid networking opportunities as well as a soldi forum to showcase their offerings.

You would be hard pressed to find a more delicious bourbon-or a more skilled salesman-outside of our friends at Middle West Spirits

And the crowd, larger than in previous recent years, loved it too.  “I’d love to tell ya I’m here to conduct business,” admitted tourist Joseph Holden in an amusing manner, “but I’m just here to drink!”

As usual…tequila was a huge hit at the 2023 Bar and Restaurant Expo

Be sure to mark your calendar for next years’ Bar and Restaurant experience, and drink down this great opportunity coming your way once again in March 2024! 


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