ASD Market Week is a Retailers Delight, Returns to Las Vegas in Full Force in 2023

By Mark J. Bartlett

March 1, 2023-the four-day buyers and sellers extravaganza that is the ASD Show packed it’s wares and closed it’s doors today, but not without a highly successful showing and wonderful turnout. After a few years of Covid protocols, the masks are off and attendance for the largest wholesale product exhibitor marketplace on the planet has surged like rideshare prices on a Vegas New Years Eve!

The ASD show was literally “back in business” in 2023

Occupying three huge separate floors of the Las Vegas Convention Center, the ASD show is a twice-annually meeting of wholesalers and retailers from across the globe, who journey to Las Vegas to network, display the newest products for sale, and above all-to cater to existing customers and acquire new ones.

A LARGE variety of products were on display at the 2023 ASD show

Clothing mogul Anish Uzapah from New Delhi enjoys the ASD show above all others. “I bring the family to enjoy a vacation, and at the same time connect with my other family: my many customers and resellers!”

the CBD industry features innovative products and wonderful promotion

It was obvious that many buyers shared Anish’s considerable enthusiasm. Craig Mcclane from Encinitas, California visited vegas to expand his new CBD business. “Between last weeks tobacco show and this one, I’ve really opened my eyes to this great opportunity.” New to the industry yet a lifelong fan of the niche market, Mcclane added “I wish I had started this enterprise years ago!”

The CBD industry has become a significant force in the reseller market.

The CBD and tangental products were well represented at the 2023 show. With the ever-changing state laws and relaxed standards of the Cannabis industry, dynamic opportunities for commerce are being created at a record pace. And outside of the economic benefits, some merchants have, shall we say, ulterior motives. Celeo Ramiro, who left a prominent MBA program to venture off into the burgeoning market concluded, “Heck yea the money is great, but I just love being high at work all day and NOT getting fired!”

Exhibitors spared no expense for dazzling displays at ASD 2023

Aside from the obvious enthusiasm and general good vibes associated with the CBD industry, an almost inconceivable array of merchandise was for sale and on display. General merchandise products ranging from tools and laundry soap to fetish-themed costume masks provide a dizzying array of options for the first-time attendees and seasoned veterans alike.

Warm and welcoming booths were the signature of the ASD show

Whether you’re thinking about striking off on a new adventure, expanding your existing business or just spending a few days browsing a remarkable variety of merchandise, the ASD show has something for everyone!

The ASD show features unprecedented opportunities to network with leading wholesalers

Be sure to check out to register for the show when it returns to Las Vegas in August 2023


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