The 2023 TPE Convention Showcases much more than Tobacco

By Michael P. Visgilio

February 23, 2023-What started as a tradeshow catering specifically to the tobacco industry has evolved far beyond that…as the 2023 version of the TPE showcases the newest product lines in the smokeless tobacco, CBD and edibles markets.

The smokeless tobacco industry has come a long way, featuring creative delivery systems

Although expanded way beyond its original incarnation, the TPE still attracts its fair share of tobacco purists. “I stop by to visit 4 specific cigar vendors”, claimed Anthony Botelho of Boulder City, Nevada. A liquor store owner and cigar enthusiast, Botelho added, “there’s nothing quite like a good glass of whiskey and an even better cigar!”

Amazing smokes, and ashless wraps were a huge hit at the 2023 TPE

The burgeoning CBD industry is a huge hit, particularly for the younger crowd. A vast array of Cannabinoid products, some containing THC (the active ingredient in Marijuana) and some completely innocuous and formulated specifically for medicinal effects.

the CBD industry features innovative products and wonderful promotion

Dr. Kelly Litterio, a Botanist-turned-grower from San Jose, California told us as much, adding “Make no mistake about it, the CBD industry in 2023 is a combination of refined science and big business.”

This live podcast featured a chance to “smoke and tell” with a global audience

Many other attendees occupied themselves with the business of networking, indulging in the myriad opportunities for complimentary samples and of course, having some free beer in the meantime.

And of course…it wouldn’t be a Las Vegas convention…without the free beer!

In all, the TPE is a very unique entry on the growing list of Las Vegas conventions. To satisfy your craving for a great experience, be sure to visit and join us on the show floor in the near future!


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