Crazy Horse III Gentlemen’s Club offers some much-needed “Local Love” to the Las Vegas Service Industry

By Mark J. Bartlett

June 9, 2022-Make no mistake about it, Vegas is on the road to recovery after two crippling years of the pandemic. Despite the lifting of restrictions and an influx of tourism that rivals numbers from years past, there is an often overlooked sector of the economy that is suffering. Suffering more from a lack of healthy outlet and resources of energy than from economic deficiencies, but suffering just the same. Indeed, the service industry, now back to work, is drastically overworked, understaffed and experiencing shortfalls of free time and opportunities for recreation.

Enter legendary gentlemen’s club Crazy Horse III and their answering of the bell at “the right place at the right time.” As the summer rush is upon us, this mainstay in the strip club landscape initiated a “Local Love” party, to honor and serve the hard-working people who call Las Vegas “Home”.

Newly branded logos appeared on complimentary T shirts, given out to VIP Guests

Graciously granted a complimentary table amongst a bevy of beautiful entertainers and a lively yet welcoming atmosphere, we waited for a few bottles of Herradura tequila to drop, and then went out talking to people in attendance. The feedback was, given the atmosphere and all the great things this party had to offer, not surprisingly overwhelmingly positive.

The opportunity to unwind was not lost on local bartender Dan Furden, who affirmed this point. “I’ve been working, I don’t even know, like 14 days straight. It’s good to finally be on the other side of a bar..the FUN side!” Hailing from Natchez, Mississippi by way of Boston, Furden reaffirmed his love for Vegas. “I may complain about working too hard, but this city is great. You can get, and experience, everything here as my dad used to say “from a ton of class to a set of silver!”

Crazy Horse III gift cards were also handed out at the door

Longtime LA resident Nick McKussic echoed the sentiments of the tourist faction of the crowd, who were fortunate enough to end up here, as it were, somewhat by accident. An Irrigation specialist from Manhattan Beach, California, McKussic was at the right place at the right time, and was enjoying his decision to attend the Local Love party. “I came with my fiancée Joanne, who works locally in the restaurant industry. We’re debating where to live once we “Tie the Knot”, and nights like this make a compelling argument for vegas!”

Hal Leonard, who flew in from Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, was also happy to attend by virtue of his local connections. “It May seem like a flimsy fu****g excuse, but my attorney Andrew invited me…” and wouldn’t comment further!

After the heavily passed food samples, two hours of open bar, countless bottle specials for local and industry and, for our table at least, what seemed to be an endless flow of tequila, those of us who stayed to see the sunrise were treated to a special gift. I’ll always remember my last drink at the Local Love party at Crazy Horse III, a cup of coffee and the wise words of the waitress who delivered it: “get home safe and don’t stress. Life is serious enough.”


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