CES 2023 opens with a non-virtual “bang” with the unveiled event at Mandalay Bay

By Mark J. Bartlett

After a few years of strict Covid protocols and significant struggles to convey the annual miracle that is the Consumer Electronics Show, the once-again fully alive incarnation of the CES touches down in Las Vegas with a considerable splash. As in previous years, the show kicked off on Tuesday evening at 5 PM sharp with the exclusive, media-only Unveiled event.

Attracting press from across the globe, CES Unveiled is a unique opportunity for photographers, editors and reporters to receive an exclusive glimpse into what the show has to offer.

A dizzying array of products and services that were quite literally science fiction a few years previous, CES unveiled is quite literally a tech enthusiasts dream come true.

First-year attendee Renee Maddalena echoed similar sentiments. “The expanse of these new products are breathtaking, I’ve never seen anything like this.” A resident of Cold Spring Harbor, New York and University of Akron double major in computer science and journalism, Maddalena added, “every intern should have the opportunity to cover a show of this magnitude. It’s a wonderful opportunity.”

Local freelancer and self-proclaimed tech fiend Nathalie Fresques expressed similar enthusiasm. “I generally cover local sporting events and entertainment venues, but I wouldn’t miss this opportunity for the world!” When asked about her particular interests and her focus for this years show, Nathalie added “AI. (Artificial Intelligence) is the wave of the future and it’s gonna change everything very soon.”

In all, the 2023 CES Unveiled was a well-organized, highly stimulating event that showcased the very best of today’s technology, along with offering some truly amazing glimpses of the world to come in the very near future.

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