Sin City Press “Gets Lucky” at Mr. Lucky’s and the 2017 AVN/AEE


By Da Lit Gourmet and Keith Starkey

Sometimes, being a food and beverage critic for an entertainment publication in the middle of the most exciting city in the world has its perks. Today was one of those days. While on assignment to cover the delectable “777 Special” at Mr. Lucky’s, I inadvertently bumped into the 2017 AVN/AEE Adult Entertainment Expo. And there I saw some things and met some people who were also, well, very “special”.

For instance, there was Gene LaMastro, a professional musician from Stockton, Ca. who makes the journey to Sin City every year specifically to attend the convention. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world. it has become a holiday for me. Like Christmas. But with more t*ts.”
Other fans who have had a storied history with the AVN/AEE’s epic Vegas run were less impressed by this year’s offering. “This whole thing has taken a big step back”, Reggie Milner from Sedona, Az. offered, “Porn’s been going down hill ever since DVDs came out. It’s an American tragedy.”


Industry talent and fan appreciation were in “abundance” at the 2017 Adult Entertainment Expo

But the dissenting voices were in a definite minority. Most fans were thrilled to get a personal photograph with their favorite starlet. Still others were clearly elated by the opportunity to network with fellow adult enthusiasts who, now that porn has become mainstream, proudly proclaim their industry affiliation without the slightest concern of judgment or recrimination.


Keep in mind..this is a Wednesday afternoon.  Only in Vegas!

A prominent webcam engineer commented on the trend: “The adult industry is experiencing a huge upswing, and not just in profits, but in social acceptance as well. It’s like marijuana (use). Porn has become socially acceptable behavior.” Regardless of whether you agree with that position, it is certainly interesting food for thought.

Oh yeah…the food. Well, the “before” and “after” photo about says it all. Three generous-sized shrimp cooked to perfection and a small steak (I had mine medium rare), complete with a large scoop of mashed potatoes and a helping of steamed broccoli- all for the incredibly reasonable price of $7.77. Be sure to sign up for the Hard Rock Players Club card before hand, you will need it to take advantage of this wonderful special.
Be sure to visit Mr. Lucky’s in the Hard Rock Hotel, open 24/7 throughout the Adult Entertainment Expo and beyond. And while you’re at it, stop by the AVN/AEE to satisfy your “other” appetite!

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