Hats off to the Nightclub & Bar Show 2017


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By: Mark J. Bartlett

In a town that boasts upward of 20,000 conventions a year, most pass through without drawing much attention.

The Nightclub & Bar Show 2017, which took place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, was an exception.

A gathering of industry affiliates, professional bartenders, mixologists and beverage distributors descended upon the fabulous city of Las Vegas to demonstrate their talents, show off their newest products and dazzle the crowd.

An estimated 36,000+ attendees watched in awe as more than 600 vendors displayed a flair for wonderful cocktail concoctions, advertised their products and enjoyed the atmosphere. Crowds gathered and partied.

The convention features a rare combination of college students on spring break, free alcohol (many, many different kinds of spirits and beer) and extremely attractive, young (and scantily clad) women acting as brand ambassadors, explaining the ins and outs of products to lucky passersby.

Logic would dictate that would be a recipe for disaster.

Luckily for attendees, the security at the convention is everywhere and effective.

Security and incident management professionals at the event said the number of incidents that take place at the actual convention are low.

Everyone from beverage distributors to attendees at the convention complemented the professional, secure atmosphere, saying they’d never felt unsafe.

One large beverage distributor who declined to be named said the event was well organized and the crowd flow was excellent, admiring the behavior of attendees who were polite despite having been drinking all day.

Despite the thousands of attendees and the need for great communication in the area of security, the convention pulled it off, drawing our approval.

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