Sin City Press revisits our friends at the 2016 Shot Show with a “Bang”, introducing our exclusive ammunition review!


by Keith Starkey

Even though the dust has long since settled on Media Day at the Range and all the cool guns, knives and tactical gear has been packed up by the vendors and brought back home, we here at Sin City Press have had a chance to catch our breath, rest our trigger fingers and settle in for a review of the newest ammunition exhibited at the 2016 Shot Show!

Thanks to a courtesy Test and Experiment model from the Springfield Armory, we will be firing all ammunition submissions through a Springfield Armory XDM, in .45 Caliber, 5.25 inch barrel match-grade configuration.


Using three separate magazines and a wide array of paper, human silhouette and three dimensional targets, our field test will be conducted in an outdoor setting. Ammunition will be fired from both target and combat-style shooting platforms, and will be judged on the basis of reliability, accuracy, impact and value (retail price). This feature will include extensive video footage of our range field test, while the trigger man will be our own resident photographer and firearms expert, Mr. Brendan Steele!


We will begin accepting submissions now through May 1, 2016. Sin City Press would like to thank  Poly Case for being the very first distributor to contribute to this feature.   Stay tuned and check back, the range goes “Hot” May 1!

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