Don’t be afraid to inhale, join us at the 2016 Tobacco Plus Expo!


By Da Lit Gourmet

We know what you’re thinking: Smoking is OUT. Long since known to be a dangerous habit and now considered something of antisocial behavior even here in Las Vegas (where almost everything is accepted), more and more people are kicking the habit, or at least trying to, in an attempt for better overall health and a better life.

Yet the TPE show is much, much more than vendor and customer chatting and doing business under a large canopy of cigarett smoke, and we invite you to come find out exactly what we mean. Sin City Press will be attending this interesting annual convention, as we make it a point to do each and every March. This year, the 2016 Tobacco Plus Expo promises to deliver the finest smoking tobaccos, accessories and peripherials, as well as the very latest products in the ever-growing “vapor” niche.

Our visit will culminate with the crafting of a 3,000 word feature detailing our time on the convention floor, extensive footage and first-person interviews with both industry professionals and attendees, and of course, a comprehensive product review showcase devoted to the sample submissions provided to us by the exhibitors.

Whether you’re lighting up your trusted brand, interested in taking a “pull” off of a fine cigar, or “blowin huge clouds” of vapor, we’re sure you will find your fix at the 2016 Tobacco Plus Expo!

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