Manga! Sin City Press hits the 2016 International Pizza Expo


By Mark J. Bartlett


Well, if the Nightclub and Bar Convention produces more hangovers per capita than any other show on earth, this one must be the #1 cause of indigestion, sudden weight gain, and smiles!

Sin City Press will once again be attending one of our favorite annual events: the International Pizza Expo. Every March, pizza chefs, food distributors and generally hungry people converge upon the Las Vegas Convention Center for 3 days of food, fun and the most fantastic pizza from all over the world.

This year, it will be our pleasure to be guest judges of the 2016 Pizza Pie Cookoff. Our staff has been fasting for three fast days of consuming the most delicious pizza, pasta and exotic desserts, sampled for free by the good graces of the master craftsman who make it all possible. Be on the lookout for our upcoming 2,500 word feature detailing our time on the convention floor, comprehensive footage of the numerous live competitions, and of course, a full product review of all the sample submissions provided to us!

We invite you to take a break from your summer diet, leave the thoughts of the “beach body” behind for a few days, and indulge with us at the 2016 International Pizza Expo!

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