Resorts World opens in some style in Vegas during…Renaissance or Recession?

From Inside-Out, Resorts World is doing it bigger and better-even by Vegas standards!

By Mark J. Bartlett

June 25, 2021-With high vaccination rates, relaxed social distancing standards and a populace who are, quite frankly, fed up with Covid life, Resorts world opened their doors last night in true Vegas fashion, with lots of beautiful people, lots of free drinks, a world class fireworks a display and of course-a guest DJ set by namesake Paris Hilton.

Tonight marks the first time in over a decade that a new casino property has opened on the strip…and the first time ever that’s it’s happened off the heels of a global pandemic. Despite the expected amount of trepidation, the staff seemed easy going, very polite and professional, and quite happy to be serving again after such a protracted recess…and recess it did resemble in many respects!

Throngs of people were pushing through the crowd, perhaps forgetting how to negotiate space and pace after many months of solitude.  Acrobats were spinning from poles high above the pool deck, and the 11 P.M. fireworks display lit up the Las Vegas night for the first time in many months.

One security personnel, who wished to remain anonymous, confided “it’s like opening the cages and letting the animals run free after a long time. And I don’t blame them a bit”

Baltimore native Darren Boyle echoed a similar perspective. “I’ve been home for like a year” the third grade school teacher said.  With a drink in each hand he added, “I’m just glad to be back out. And it looks like everyone else is as well.” Although social distancing practices were cheerfully abandoned and protective masks nearly non-existent, the looming question remains: Is this the true rebirth of the Las Vegas entertainment industry or merely a brief respite before another recession hits? While neither economist nor cocktail waitress nor tourist just happy to be here has the true answer, there’s no doubt that Vegas is back…for the time being anyway.

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