Update for premium subscribers: Expanding sports coverage

By: Sin City Press staff

On the heels of a series of announcements by local news publications of their alterations to their sports betting coverage, we’ve held back our big announcement here at Sin City Press. But now, on the anniversary of our founding, we have big news of our own: We’re expanding!

Thanks to the support of a dedicated group of premium subscribers, Sin City Press is launching a new sports section complete with game analysis and betting odds. The section will encompass basketball, football, rodeo, hockey (go Knights, go!) and our features editor’s favored pastime, lacrosse, for now. Why lacrosse? Well, in addition to its growing popularity in our neighboring California, the launch of a new league, the Premier Lacrosse League, in October, has given us reason to believe it will be important to follow. We think it has good prospects, and we’ve noticed — as several of you note to us in what seems to be a weekly email haul — that football is no longer the Vegas draw it used to be. Despite the impending presence of the Raiders on the Strip, we think all four sports will give offer the best content for our loyal readers.

Stay tuned for the launch of the sports section, which will take place during the NBA Finals!


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