Sin City Press website celebrates fourth anniversary


Photo image courtesy Trent98 (R.E.M. search; Wikimedia Commons)

By: Mark Jacob Bartlett

Here we Stand, all of the Shiny Happy People serving up your news at Sin City Press, like a Man on the Moon exploring all that The Great Beyond has to offer.

OK, maybe that was a little too punny. But can you blame me? It’s the fourth anniversary of and I’m feeling fine.

Avid readers of this Vegas entertainment publication know that we’ve been in business much longer than four years, but it was four years ago today that I took the helm of the feature section’s online expansion and sought to elevate this publication’s Web footprint. It is also the anniversary of the formation of one of my favorite bands of all time, R.E.M.

At My Most Beautiful, I’m a features editor and director, a writer, a handholder for my employees and a Beach Ball to be tossed around by my bosses as they carefully survey in which department I might be of the most use when someone is out on leave or too busy … Nightswimming.

But no matter if I’m Draggin’ the Line or engaging in Funtime, I’m really just here to ensure the high quality of the content you read. I’ve had a tremendous four years doing so, and like the Gait brothers (the lacrosse legends who also celebrate their birthday today, coincidentally), I’m just here to ensure that Everybody Hurts — Until the Day is Done.




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