“Lights out” showing of crowds, exhibitors at 2018 CES

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By: James E. Green

A short but frustrating power outage Wednesday at the Las Vegas Convention Center did not deter thousands of tech enthusiasts who descended upon the 2018 CES (formerly known as the “Consumer Electronics Show”) with all the fervor of giddy children on Christmas morning.

“I literally can’t wait to get to the exhibit hall,” confided Samir Patel of San Jose, Calif.  “I come to the show every year without fail.”

A software engineer in tech mecca Silicon Valley, Patel agrees with the Christmas analogy wholeheartedly.

“For anyone involved in the tech or electronics industry, this is Christmas a few weeks late,” he said.

While the main focus of the conference and much of the hoopla remains at the convention center, the 2018 CES has successfully spread its wings to fully occupy the Sands Convention Center as well.

We were fortunate enough to attend the private exhibition of FLEX, a San Jose-based “behind the scenes” mastermind designer/tech manufacturer for companies like Nike.

With an unwavering commitment to innovation and constant improvement, companies like FLEX continue to revolutionize and essentially “make life better,” business representatives essentially stated during the show.

FLEX was one of more than 4,000 companies showing off their latest tech advances and gadgets at the international tradeshow, which appropriately labels itself “The Global Stage for Innovation.”

This year’s CES has been a haven so far for drones, automated vehicles and even prompted a showing of robot strippers (yes, you heard us right). Companies’ emphasis increasingly seems to be placed speedy delivery of items and people with limited human interaction. But the shift of focus away from phones and TVs doesn’t mean those companies didn’t make a strong showing.

Thursday appears to heavily emphasize sports and opportunities for gadget creators to show off their goods, so stay tuned for more coverage here. Until then, enjoy the slideshow of photos from Wednesday at the top of the page.

(Photos by Sin City Press staff)

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