A little Halloween in February”: Days of the Dead brings Chills, Thrills to Las Vegas

By Mark J. Bartlett

February 19, 2023-Although the recent trend of chilly weather has seemed to have abated for the time being, the chills were in abundance as the Days of the Dead convention took over the Plaza Hotel convention center for three days of monsters, mayhem, and lots of fun.

Michael Myers of the fabled Halloween franchise made an appearance

A traveling horror-themed event, Days of the Dead makes appearances in several major cities, and always rolls into Vegas at least once per year. Fans of the genre are treated to meet-and-greets from industry luminaries, actors and vendors displaying an incredible array of wares for both sale and spectacle.

Wrestling legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts entertains fans with hilarious stories during the celebrity panel

This year, actor Doug Bradley, who expertly and eerily portrayed “Pinhead”, a dimension-hopping demon in the Hellraiser franchise, caused quite a stir of excitement as adoring fans flocked to his booth. “I know it’s kind of old school compared to what’s out there these days, but I love the Hellraiser series,” proclaimed Mesa, Arizona native Crystal Martel. “And of all the characters, Pinhead has to be my favorite!”

This fan was thrilled to have actor Doug Bradley sign his Hellraiser boxed set

Other fans escaped the brutal cold of the northeast for a few days and enjoyed all that Las Vegas has to offer, including the Days of the Dead convention. “I came specifically to see Tom (Savini)” said Pittsburg denizen Eric Barcelos. An aspiring special-effects artist himself, Barcelos claims “Savini is the greatest of all time. I’ve been following his work for years. He’s also an all-around great guy, a horror movie Renaissance Man to be sure!”

Make-up effects master Tom Savini chats with a few fans

The appeal of the event was not lost on the local population either. Bartender Trent Miller, who attends several horror-themed conventions nationwide, was happy to have one in his backyard. “Halloween has always been my favorite time of year, and with this, we all get to have a little Halloween in February!”

This attendee nailed it with his Travis Bickle costume from the cult classic Taxi Driver

Be sure to visit http://www.daysofthedead.com for the full schedule and line-up of all future events, and be sure to have a most pleasingly frightful February!

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