Glass Vegas 2022 arrives at Ballys and provides a touch of class and artistry to the cannabis industry

By Michael P. Visgilio

Feb. 9, 2022 – I marvel daily at the evolution of the cannabis and CBD market. A colleague, slightly older than myself, perhaps put it most poignantly: “20 years ago an ounce (of marijuana) would get you…well 20 years. Now there is a dispensary on every corner.”

From the horror genre and the boundless mind of author H.P. Lovecraft, Great Cthulhu himself creeped the Glass Vegas convention

There can be no doubt that the burgeoning cannabis industry has created fortunes for some and complete dismay for others. This experience, however, was all about the Art of the Smoke. While fine wine demands a crystal glass and fine dining a silver fork, the devout cannabis aficionado demands the kinds of things showcased at Glass Vegas.

Extraordinary wonders await you in the elite Glass Showcase
This extraordinary piece fetched a $250,000 asking price

Longtime cannabis and CBD enthusiast Martin Wilcox proclaimed “it’s a sight to see for sure. The artistry and attention to detail….some of these pieces should be in a museum!”

Grogu in all of his glass glory…

An attorney and world traveler by trade, and a man of obvious sophistication and breeding, Wilcox continued, “I left my tropical paradise to come here and experience this. In the end, the real joy is to be around like-minded people.”

A demonstration of the art of glass
Serial Killers get old too…and serve as great marketing for Walker Glass Studio!

In all, the convention featured not only a gathering of like-minded people celebrating the counter-cultural emergence into the mainstream, but also a segment of the CBD market with a deep-seeded appreciation of the intersection between leisurely smoking and delicate art.

Amidst the modern and the cutting edge, this Long Island-based exhibitor celebrates the foundations of the industry, “old school-style”

If either of these notions fascinate you, be sure to attend Glass Vegas as it returns in 2023!

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