In an ever-changing landscape, the famous Jerry’s Nugget Coffee Shop endures as a Las Vegas Mainstay

Jerry’s Nugget has served Las Vegas since 1964
The Coffee Shop inside Jerry’s Nugget: an enduring hidden gem

By Mark J. Bartlett

January 26, 2021-Las Vegas is as well known for its continuously evolving city scape as it is for its fabulous variety shows, exciting nightlife and droves of casinos. However, there remain some time-tested mainstays that adorn and define the Sin City of both yesteryear and today. The Coffee Shop inside Jerry’s Nugget is one such adornment.

Some of the daily specials you may find during a trip to the Coffee Shop

Nestled snugly in a corner of the classic casino, one could easily walk by this semi-hidden gem, we’re it not for the nostalgic neon sign announcing the presence and perhaps hinting at the delights that await inside.

A wonderful array of desserts await you at Jerry’s Coffee Shop

Having been established in 1964, the Coffee Shop offers 24-hour fare perfect to start out a day of exciting wagering (the bingo hall is a truly unique delight), take an afternoon break or feed the hunger so often associated with an all-nite “sun upper”

Open the menu and read Jerry’s Story…

The enthusiasm for Jerry’s coffee shop is shared by locals and tourists alike. San Francisco transplant Richard Kowalski, who has lived in Vegas for 34 years, claims “I’m here every Wednesday. Like clockwork. I never eat breakfast and get here around 1 pm. By 1:30, my hunger is vanishing!” Meleena Rampling, visiting from Denver Colorado, echoed similar sentiments. “I make it a point, any time I’m in town, to stop in here at least once. And when I’m home and not here, I wish to hell I was! The food is just super, it’s a big part of the old soul of Las Vegas.”

Some of the more current accolades adorn the walls near the cashier

Aside from a wonderful selection of delectable desserts, the Coffee Shop offers an extensive, eclectic menu laden with daily specials that is sure to have something to offer for even the most descending diner. Our visit featured perhaps THE most famous go-to menu item: the Prime Rib dinner which, for starters, begins with a wonderful minestrone soup. The perfect pairing of beans, tomatoes, celery and ample pasta pieces provided a perfect start to the main course to come.

The Minestrone Soup comes highly recommended!

When the Prime Rib arrived, it presented as an excellent 11 oz. piece, cooked to perfection medium well, and bathed in the “au jus” which has been a signature of the coffee shop for years. Complimented by a baked potato, garlic bread and generous side of horse radish, the meal forms a classic can’t-miss combination deserving of many happy returns. And for the truly famished, the selection also comes on a 28-32 ounce caveman cut.

The Prime Rib is a can’t-miss menu selection!

Regardless of your particular palate or degree of famishment, it’s a safe bet that you will find satisfaction at Jerry’s Nugget Coffee shop!

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