Sin City Press is proud to present our new feature: Bi-Weekly Food and Beverage reviews by “Da Lit Gourmet”!


Photo courtesy of Dexter Weaver, Weaver D’s Delicious Fine Foods, Athens, Ga.  “Automatic!”

By Da Lit Gourmet

December 5, 2016-Aside from bringing you the finest coverage of Vegas nightlife, entertainment and convention mayhem, we at Sin City Press are excited to celebrate our year-and-a-half anniversary of our website launch with a brand new feature, Hi-weekly reviews by our full-time food and beverage critic, “Da Lit Gourmet”!

Twice weekly, he will be traveling to the best bars, restaurants and taco trucks Sin City has to offer, diligently reporting on his findings, all the while chowing down on some serious grub.  Interested in hosting “Da Lit Gourmet” at your establishment? Know a place that serves “straight up fire” food?  Let us know here.  If the meal and beverages please the discerning palate of “Da Lit Gourmet”, you may very well see his sentiments expressed in print when he proclaims, “Dam, dat was Lit!”

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