Celebrations of the Day

We here at Sin City Press love to celebrate! Here are a few events we’ve marked on our calendars …

April 5th

Happy birthday, R.E.M.!

    • The beloved band formed in 1980. Happy 35th anniversary! Fun fact: The band’s name stands for “Rapid Eye Movement.” It was the name they settled on after considering titles including Cans of Piss. Oy. We’ve never been so grateful for rapid eye movement. Click here to read an article detailing the band’s 30th anniversary.

Paul and Gary Gait, two phenomenal lacrosse players who our features editor describes as “the best lacrosse players ever,” turn 48 today.

  • The brothers, who starred as midfielders at Syracuse University, went on to conquer all levels of professional lacrosse. Brown University head lacrosse coach Lars Tiffany had this to say about the Gait brothers: “…They were the best duo ever. They should have played football and not tormented us average lacrosse athletes! Built and ran like college running backs while possessing stick skills that no one else had then.”




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